The participation fee is very limited

compared to the actual value of the experience

The European Parliament funds European political parties to promote knowledge of European culture and politics. ECR Party has decided to use its resources to provide cultural and political experiences to citizens who share conservative values.

The Hotel

Nestled in th exclusive city center, the Hilton Park Nicosia, invites you to feel the heartbeat of the city.

Surrounded by gardens,  an array of dining options available on-site, a lagoon-shaped swimming pool and a state of the art fitness center, this is the best place to enjoy an unusual Cyprus experience!


Malgosia Bartosik - Deputy-CEO at WindEurope, Poland
Olga Bogdanova - Deputy State Secretary at Ministry of Finance, President at World Energy Council, Latvia
Lord Callanan - Under Secretary of State for Energy, United Kindom
Christos Christou - Member of Parliament, President of ELAM, Cyprus
Luca Ciriani - Minister for the relation with Parliament, Italy
Carlo Fidanza: - MEP, Italy
Antonio Giordano - MP, ECR Party Secretary General, Italy
Hanne Gissurarson - Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Iceland - A Comparative Study of Northern and Southern Classical-Conservative Thought. The polar region's geopolitical challenges
Raz Granot - Deputy Director General, Israel Export Institute, Israel
Sotiris Ioannoun - MP, Chamber of Deputies, Cyprus
Ylenia Lucaselli - Member of Parliament, Italy
Lavinia Mennuni - MP, Italy
Vojtěch Munzar - MP, Chamber of Deputies, Czechia
George Papanastasiou - Minister of Energy, Cyprus
Nicola Procaccini - ECR Group Co-Chairman, Member of European Parliament, Italy
Isabella Rauti - Defence Secretary, Italy
Mauro Rotelli - Chairman Environment, Territory and Public Works Commission, Member of Parliament, Italy
Pavel Žáček - Member of Parliament, Czechia
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