The participation fee is very limited

compared to the actual value of the experience

The European Parliament funds European political parties to promote knowledge of European culture and politics. ECR Party has decided to use its resources to provide cultural and political experiences to citizens who share conservative values.

The Hotel

You will be staying in Hotel Melia Castilla, located in the pulsating heart of Madrid, Spain's dynamic capital. Immerse yourself in Spanish culture and tradition with with endless opportunities for exploration and discovery right at your fingertips!

Mireia Borrásm, Candidate for EU elections, Spain

Gianluca Caramanna, Member of the Parliament, Italy
⁠Rocío de Meer, Member of Parliament, Spain
Neno Dimov, Director of the Conservative institute, Former Minister of Water & Environment, Bulgaria
Carlo Fidanza, Member of European Parliament, Head of FdI Delegation, Italy
Radoslaw Fogiel, ECR Party Vice President, Poland
Manuel Fraga, Policy Advisor European Parliament, Spain
Antonio Giordano, ECR Party Secretary General,
Member of Parliament, Italy
Juergen Joost - Federal Chairman - Germany
Michael Kelly, Former editor of the Irish Catholic, Director of Public Outreach at Aid to the Church in Need, Ireland
Marilù Lucrezio, Journalist, Rai, Brussel correspondent, Italy
Elisabetta Migliorelli, Journalist and Tv Anchor, Italy
Marko Milanovic Litre, ECR Party Member of the Board, Croatia
Pedro Narro, Candidate for EU elections, Spain
Sara Kelany, Member of Parliament, Italy (online)
Adela Mirza, President of Alternativa Dreapta Party, Romania

Simona Petrucci, Member of Parliament, Italy

Alessandra Priante, President of ENIT, Italy
Rob Ross, Member of Parliament, Netherlands

Patricia Rueda, Member of Parliament, Spain
Marta Schifone, - Member of Parliament, Italy
Ambassador Andrzej Sados, former Permanent Representative of Poland to the EU

Gonzalo Santonja, Former minister of Culture, Tourism, and Sport in the Junta of Castile and León, Spain
Giedrius Surplys, Member of Parliament, Lithuania

Zvonimir Troskot, International Secretary of Most party, Member of Parliament, Croatia

Julio Utrilla, Member of Parliament, Spain
Aurelijus Veryga, Member of Parliament, Lithuania

Charlie Weimers, Member of European Parliament, Sweden
Pavel Žáček, Member of Parliament, Czechia

Robert Zile, Member of European Parliament Latvia
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